September 23, 2010

My Audio Adventure

So, for our last weekly evaluation for INFO 525 I have made a little clip about E-books for your enjoyment. I include a clip from Berlin Symphony Orchestra – “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” as posted on the Superfan2009 website which brings little known music into the public domain with permission from the artists. Pretty cool stuff! Anyway, the reason I chose it was because it is a fun little remix. My brother will hear it and scream, "It's too soon for Christmas music!!!" I like it. :P I also think it illustrates a point: we love the original but we aren't afraid of the new and different! I also got my Kindle for Christmas last year. I like to think that makes this post very harmonious, in more than one way!
P.S. The sound effect at the end of the audio file is paper being crumbled up and thrown in the trash. No books were harmed in the making of this audio file!

Ebookaudio by aprilharward
Carey, Q.A.
History repeating: How e-books are like the Russian printing press Last accessed on 24 September 2010.